our methods

Step 1: Starting the Design Relationship

The design process starts with a consultation, a 1-hour meeting at the client's property. Typically during this time, a needs assessment is performed along with a discussion concerning the client's wishes, plans, budget, timeline and other factors affecting the project. A review of the property is conducted during which time the client is encouraged to take notes regarding plant suggestions, pest control, or any other general design ideas that may come out of the session. Some clients choose to use their hour to address specific needs. Others want more general information. The consultation can definitely be tailored to what the client wants so that it's an effective and satisfying meeting. For more information on consultations, we would be more than happy to respond to your inquiry via e-mail or phone.

Step 2: Choosing the Level of Help You Need

Following a consultation, we help the client determine what they need next. For some do-it-yourselfers, a consultation is enough of a push to get them started on putting their own ideas into motion. For others who enjoy gardening but need assistance choosing plant material, a plant list may be all that's required. For still others, they may decide that they want to take things to the next level: a landscape design. Rates for landscape designs vary depending on many factors: the scope and complexity of the project, size of the property, what end result the client needs (design concept and plant list or scaled drawing), etc.

Step 3: Moving Forward

Do you need an installation team? Are you looking for a hardscape contractor? Are you interested in a garden maintenance service? We can help you with these and other questions by providing referrals to professionals we've worked with in all of these arenas. Just let us know your needs.